Fear? Panic? Anxiety? FACE them!

Deciding to learn to drive is a significant milestone in our lives.

But add in the fact that for some, the thought of being in control of a vehicle is also pretty – well, scary – and it’s not surprising that the more anxious among us often put off learning this life skill.

But, if you can conquer the fear, panic and anxiety, you won’t regret taking the plunge. It can open up opportunities like never before — the freedom to take off anywhere you choose; no more lugging heavy shopping bags on the bus. And, an end to asking for lifts from family and friends; are among the many benefits of learning to drive!

Coping techniques that really do work

Breathing – Changing the rate and pattern of your breathing will significantly impact your anxiety in the right way. How? It’s referred to as ‘The Calming Response’ and works like this:

Check out our article on Breathing Skills for more on this…

Positive thinking – The mind is a very powerful tool and it’s for you to choose how to use it. So, each time you’re about to start a driving lesson; imagine each scenario with a positive outcome.

Let the scene unfold in your mind: an enjoyable hour in the car with your instructor, learning a skill that will make a significant difference to your life from that moment on. Trust me, this works.

Planning and Preperation

When you mentally and physically prepare for a situation, it makes for a better and more enjoyable experience.

For example, if you find out from your instructor what the outline of the next lesson is likely to be you can prepare ahead of the lesson by engaging the positive thinking technique. And, always do the research and ‘homework’ they set you. Replaying in your mind what you’ve learned in previous lessons will also help.

And, don’t just jump in the car after a busy day, or tense work meeting and expect to be open to a new experience. Plan lessons around times when you know you’re likely to be more relaxed and open to learning.

Allow time before your lesson to engage any of the coping techniques above. And always share your fears and current state of mind with your instructor. If they’re the right instructor for you, they’ll structure the pace of your lessons and the overall experience to you and your needs.

FACE this new experience with positivity

So, learning to drive when you’re anxious or nervous IS possible. I have many, many students who can tell you so. What’s necessary, is accepting your fears, then taking positive steps to overcome them.


  1.  Finding your target: working out what’s holding you back

  2.  Taking the necessary Action to help solve the issue(s)

  3.   Using Coping strategies that work for you, and

  4.  Evaluating the outcomes so you can take more decisive actions


  …you’ll be better-equipped to FACE your anxieties and be happy to take your place in the driving seat!

If you’d like to take positive action right now and

learn to drive with Melissa, call 07866749952?


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