Our ONLINE ACADEMY is here to help you learn outside of your lessons

Time practising and learning ‘out of the car’ is as crucial when learning to drive as the time you spend with your instructor or accompanying driver ‘in the car’.

And we want to help you. So, we’ve been busy working behind the scenes collating resource and support that will, without question, improve your driving and accelerate your learning — making you a safer, more proficient driver.

We’re calling it our Online Academy. Sign up to join so you can improve your skills.

Our Online Academy is perfect for you if:

What’s available in our Online Academy?


You choose how much you want to learn from the Online Academy as you’ll have unlimited access for the period you subscribe. But what we guarantee is that if you spend time practising and learning outside the car, you’ll get more value from the time in the car with your instructor. Saving you vauable time and making your learning to drive budget go further – quicker.

By providing all you need to accelerate your learning, without the need to read lengthy books or trawl the internet for the most appropriate information: plus our unique video training resource; we’re super confident we can make a positive impact on your ability to learn faster, and be a better, safer driver.

Three Months Access to the Online Academy is INCLUDED in our tuition fees when you learn to drive with Melissa’s Driving Academy. You can then choose to continue for only £7.99 per month while you’re still learning to drive with us: saving you £7 off the usual cost to join.

Who can join our Online Academy?

You don’t have to be a current MDA student to join our Online Academy. Wherever you are in the world you can benefit from our knowledge, experience, tools and resources.

Even if you’re currently learning with another driving school, you’re very welcome in our Online Academy too! 

I wanted to learn to drive as soon as possible after I left school. Melissa had been recommended by a family member for being patient and a lovely person so as soon as I’d saved up I booked. And I passed first time - yey! Thanks Melissa,




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