The Theory Test is designed to check you have an understanding of road rules and procedures, a fundamental knowledge of the car; and how to ensure the vehicle you drive is safe.

It covers the Highway Code and more, and the test also includes a Hazard Perception section. The theory you learn should be applied at all times when you are driving, and it’s essential to spend time outside your lessons studying driving theory. It will ensure the time you spend during your booked lessons is even more beneficial.

There are over 900 possible questions you could be asked in the DVSA Theory Test. So studying hard beforehand is a prerequisite if you want to pass.

To give you a head start in your studies, we’ve focused on the ten that statistics show students consistently get wrong. So you can make sure you beat the odds!


Diversion route


End of restricted parking area

Trams must stop

End of restriction

 Two-way traffic crosses a one-way road

 With-flow bus and cycle lane

 Waiting restrictions apply

 Contraflow bus lane

Level crossing with gate or barrier

Minimum 30mph 

For more information on UK Road Signs and how to prepare more effectively for your Theory Test, keep an eye on our blogs.

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